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Choosing A Docklands Function Venue for Your Event

Choosing A Function Venue for Your Event

Booking the function venue for an event at Melbourne Docklands is a major ordeal. Once you have confirmed the venue, things really start to take off. It is the start of the whole planning process, but choosing the venue can be a difficult task. The venue depends on certain aspects of the event, and taking a second to look through those necessary details can make choosing a function centre much easier.

1. First and foremost, the location is key. The event venue should be easily accessible by those who are attending. Choosing a house deep in the woods may not be the best location of a school formal venue. Most events require a well-known area with solid directions and an easily accessible distance from the people who will be attending.

2. The venue also needs to be able to be big enough to fit in all the people invited. Looking at floor plans of the function rooms available can be helpful in determining if the venue is the correct size for the amount of people who will be attending. The venue needs to fit the number of attendees comfortably.

3. Venues often offer food and beverage packages. Planners should pay attention to the selection of packages, the price of the packages, and the quality of the packages. Wedding planning should involve working out in advance quantities of all food and drink available.

4. Planners in Victoria also must give attention to the needs of the guests. Style of dress, like formal versus informal attire, should run smoothly with the location. Men and women in suites and dresses will not enjoy staying in a casual restaurant. The event should reflect the image of the organization or business hosting it.

5. Planners need to ask what the cost of the venue includes. Most will include a dance floor, tables, assorted arrangement of chairs and of course adequate toilet and bathroom facilities

6. Event co-ordinators also need to be aware of time constraints. They should ask about the amount of time they will have before the event to prepare. Certain themes may require a few hours of setup. Some venues may add an additional charge for having early access, so you should ask beforehand. They also need to know how long guests are allowed to stay on the premises after the end of the event. For all enquiries for function venues docklands – please enquire at the all smiles website.

An event can be hectic to plan, but after taking these steps in order of priority, everything should work itself out to create a great day for all. Planners have a difficult task, but with some experience and proper instruction, an event will flow smoothly.