What Matters Online

Welcome to our new blog – What Matters Online.

We will aim to bring you the latest news and reviews from around the internet world. The weird, the funny – the quirky – whatever catches our fancy. We will find it, research it and add it to our new blog so that you can enjoy these funny stories.

Our research and writing team:

John Lawrie – an avid sports buff – he will be our go to man on everything sports

Pete Sandiz – our tech guru and apple expert extraordinaire. If you have any questions about your iphone, ipad or Mac – he’s your man. He is also well versed on anything about the internet and website, so tap on his shoulder to get the answers.

Cheryl Lowe – She is our Jack and Jill of all trades – jack of all trades and master of none. No – seriously now- she is our business editor and marketing guru who will advise us on everything about business and for you entrepreneurs out there she will give you all the advise you need on business matters.

And I am Matt Salno who will be the pilot of this ship bringing everything together and hoping it doesn’t sink!

We hope you enjoy our site as it unfolds and develops